Drake tattooed the initials of Sandra Graham’s mom on her face


Son of the year! Drake’s newest tattoo is a sweet tribute to his mom Sandra Graham.

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The 35-year-old rapper unveiled the design via Instagram on Thursday, August 11, sharing a carousel of images with the caption “Sandra Gayle.”

The first photo of the slideshow is an enlarged image of Drake’s cheek with the initials “SG” printed just below the musician’s eye. (The photo montage also included a funny selfie of Drake’s father Dennis Graham posing in a Paisley-decorated face mask and matching button.)

The ink was made by a tattoo artist from Los Angeles Nal. The artist posted a video of himself working on Drake’s face via Instagram. “Fight,” he signed the post, noting the Canadian native. In the video, the rapper “Champagne Poetry” is idling with his eyes closed while Nal was creating a design.

This will not be Drake’s first dedication to 62-year-old Sandra. In addition to his 2018 hit “Sandra’s Rose,” the Degrassi graduate has a portrait of his mother on his back. The hitmaker also has ink in honor of his son Adonis, his late uncle and grandmother, as well as two portraits of singer Sade on his torso. Elsewhere, Drake has a tribute to the late singer Alia and a tattoo of Lil Wayne, whom he trusts to help build his rap career, on his arm.

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Drake’s new addition came after he merrily trolled his father because of a tattoo that the 67-year-old Tennessee native made on his son’s face back in 2017.

“@TheRealDennisG I was just sitting here and thinking why are you making me like us, the family,” Drake signed a post published on Monday, August 8. The ink that was applied to Dennis’ shoulder depicts a serious Drake with a low-cut hair.

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In the comments section, Dennis said that he was trying to fix the tattoo. “Hahaha, I had 16 people to try to fix it, they’re hurting me,” he wrote. The Tennessee native added, “I love you and miss you.”

Drake’s hilarious confession also provoked a reaction from 2 Chainz and comedian Drusky. “NA MAN,— Drusky wrote. The 44-year-old rapper No Lie just commented on a few laughing emojis.


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