Drake soon back: he is swinging on his next album! (VIDEO)


Drake fans are eagerly awaiting his comeback. For two years, the Toronto rapper has not released an album. But he has made a revelation about next year which should make people envious.

Since her fifth studio album, Scorpion, Drake has not reappeared for a solo project. A silence that does not prevent him from appearing on stage, often by surprise. At the Tyler The Creator festival, the Canadian, for example, wanted to resume service. Not necessarily a good idea since a hoot followed him. So much so that Tyler The Creator even had to stop his concert. But that’s not all !

Before, Drake also appeared at the DaBaby concert in Toronto on December 10. A more peaceful return to his hometown that he still represents. After performing his title “Money in the Grave”, he slipped an ad that did not go unnoticed.

At first, Drake congratulated his colleague for his work. “We don’t often say it to rappers, but I want to congratulate you. You’re breaking everything. He then made an announcement on his next album. A statement that speaks volumes and that will surely please its audience.

“I’m going to go back to my crib and try to finish my album so that we can have an ambience in 2020.” he said. Drake would therefore be back in 2020. However, he did not let more details leak out. His project therefore still seems very mysterious. Always discreet about his plans, the Toronto rapper should sign his comeback in 2020. We hope he will do so as soon as possible.


So, impatient to discover the new project full of mysteries from the Toronto rapper?


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