Drake Maverick would be about to sign again with WWE


Drake Maverick, who was on the list of fighters fired in April, could re-sign with the company after his good work in the cruise title tournament, as confirmed this morning by Dave Meltzer.

Drake Maverick could return to WWE without actually leaving

WWE would be close to reaching an agreement with Drake Maverick to rehire him for the company as Dave Meltzer said this morning on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Apparently the company was not in the business of signing Maverick again but the good work of this during the tournament for the cruiserweight title as well as the support he has had from the WWE Universe would have made the company change his mind and sign him again .

Despite the change of opinion of the company with respect to Drake Maverick, it does not mean that WWE is thinking of giving the title cruiser to the wrestler since today the company’s idea is that The Son of the Ghost is crowned as the new cruiserweight champion of interim this coming Wednesday.

Sportskeeda’s Tom Colahue also commented about Drake Maverick that his good work during the tournament has meant that the idea he had for it before starting it has had to be changed due to Maverick’s popularity.

Drake Maverick has already started advertising his match on Wednesday morning through his twitter and with the phrase «last time»


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