Drake involved in XXXTentacion’s death


New theory revealed as Drake planned to end the life of XXXTENTACION and singer The Weeknd witnessed.

The world is experiencing a time of great relief and social movements that have shocked all the inhabitants of the planet, the music industry has not been spared from the theories and some stories that surround it.

Users on social networks accuse Drake of the murder of XXXTENTACION, who was shot in an assault on June 18, 2018 and the singer The Weeknd would know the entire plot of the story :


In 2017 , XXXTENTACION released his track ‘ Look At Me ‘, a song that led him to gain fame and worldwide recognition from the public, who enjoyed the rapper’s musical abilities, also generated his name on the Trap and Hip-Hop was better known.

Later, Drake released his album ‘More life ‘ and within the record material the song ‘ KMT ‘ was widely criticized because XXXTENTACION said that it looked a lot like his song ‘ Look At Me’ and the rapper did not hesitate to declare that Drake’s success It was because he stole her style.

In March of the 2018 , XXXTENTACION out his new album called ‘?’, The tracklist of this CD was much appreciated by fans and some music specialists, career XXXTENTACION going through its best.

XXXTENTACION was killed in June of 2018 in Deerfield Beach, Florida, but the singer of ‘Sad!’ Months before, he published in his Instagram stories that: ‘If anyone tried to kill me, it was @champagnepapi’, the name of Drake’s account .

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Drake released his album ‘ Scorpion ‘ in June of that same year and people speculate that in his songs the Canadian gives some clues that he is involved in the attack that took the life of Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, XXXTENTACION’s real name.

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According to this theory of conspiracy , The Weeknd was aware of the plans Drake to end XXXTENTACION and Abel Makkonen, real name of the singer ‘Blinding Lights’ would witness this crime and the lyrics of their songs let him know.

In August 2018, Travis Scott collaborated with Drake on ‘ Sicko Mode’, from the album ‘AstroWorld’ and some fans point out that within the official music video there is a secret message, in the clip a large rock crushes a person, the theory speculates that it is XXXTENTACION.

A few days ago, it was revealed that Drake and The Weeknd were attacked by hackers , who obtained information from their computers and mobile phones, they threatened the two celebrities with publishing this data.


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