Drake “hesitated” to collaborate with Chris Brown because of Rihanna!


Drake has always had a lot of respect and respect for his ex Rihanna, moreover he even hesitated to collaborate with Chris Brown!

In an interview with Drake for Rap Radar, the singer said he was hesitant to collaborate with Chris Brown for Rihanna’s beautiful eyes! We explain to you!

As you know, Drake has always had a soft spot for Rihanna, whom he has never hidden. Even after their breakup, Drake’s interest in Riri was more than present. Even today he still has a lot of affection for her! This relationship did not stop them from continuing to be friends and work together. However, this year, the rapper has partnered with Chris Brown who was also the ex of the beautiful Barbadian.

As a reminder, the two artists hated each other and they even came to blows during an evening in May 2012! The subject of this altercation? Rihanna obviously! But since time has passed, the two now appear friends. They even collaborated on a sound called No Guidance. Like everything gets better over time!

Indeed, he will always keep a lot of respect for Rihanna whom he loved very much! So in an interview for Rap Radar, Drake revealed that he had hesitated to collaborate with Chris Brown! “I felt that I had a moment of hesitation at the start. Because I didn’t want her to feel despised at one time by associating with him, “he said.

But Drake explains more about it, and even talks about his feelings for her! “This person who was among us is no longer in our lives at the moment and I have the greatest love and respect for him. I think of her as my family more than anything, ”he said. So if Riri needs comfort she knows who to turn to in times of crisis!


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