Drake and Future remix “Life is Good” with DaBaby and Lil Baby


On January 9, Drake and Future were swinging “Life is Good”. True cardboard, the two rappers return with a remix of madness.

For the new year, Drake and Future had announced the color with a piece of madness. Accompanied by Dababy and Lil Baby, the rappers then offer a remix of Life is Good .

Listening to Life is Good is good. Having a second version is better! To the delight of the fans, Drake and Future have thrown a crazy sound. Remember, on January 9, the two rappers already had a hit with their title Life is Good . For Valentine’s Day, the duo then made a comeback.

On Youtube , the original sound has no less than 121 million views . Just that ! After such a success, the two friends could not stop there. So, they threw a second version even more crazy! For this remix, Drake and Future did not do things by halves. In fact, they invited DaBaby and Lil Baby to the song. The dream !

Drake and Future , it’s a duo that works. The two rappers have already proven this in a first project. Besides, all the fans are waiting for the rest of their mixtape . What a time to be alive 2 should not be long in coming. In any case, this is what we hope for!

Another project is also eagerly awaited. This is Lil Baby’s next album. The album should then appear on February 28 . We look forward ! Moreover, the rapper has once again proven his talent in the remix of Life is Good. There is nothing to say the singer from Atlanta is very strong. As for Drake, he also announced good news to his audience. The rapper will then produce Ultimate Rap League.


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