Drake in conflict with his father? He dresses like him for Halloween!


Drake and his father are rabiboched! In cold weather for some time, they seem to have both men put water in their wine. Indeed, on the occasion of Halloween, the artist has just posted a photo with his father …

Like many stars, Drake is celebrating Halloween. So, the artist posted a picture of her costume on Instagram. This is a cliché alongside his father. Indeed, they dressed exactly the same. As you can see below, Drake has copied the look of his father. They both wear a mustache, glasses and a white cap!

A few weeks ago, Drake’s father, Denis Graham, made funny statements. Indeed, the latter had indicated that Drake was lying when he said that his father was an alcoholic. “I have always been with him. So I talk to him as much as I can, every day or every other day. We had a long conversation on the subject. So I told him, “Drake, why are you saying all these things about me? It’s not cool. He said, “Dad, it’s to sell records. Words that immediately made the artist react. The latter had replied: “Every word I said was the truth and the truth is sometimes hard to accept for some people. ”

However, Drake and his father seem to have wiped the pass. Indeed, Drake has just posed with his father, on the occasion of Halloween. A photo that made people react. “You are too beautiful both. Glad that you have rabbiochĂ©s! ”

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