Drake collaborates with PARTYNEXTDOOR on Loyal


While Alicia Keys unveils her new single “Time Machine”, we learn that Drake is also back for us to enjoy. After reaching more than 1 billion views for his video “God’s Plan” released in 2018, the artist offered us the same year a double album called “Scorpion” who was faking all the scores.

And as he deserved, the rapper had since slowed down the music, which caused impatience in his audience. But the artist who is also the boss of his label OVO has more than one trick in his bag. And one of these tours is called PARTYNEXTDOOR, one of the hottest rap artists in the US, with whom Drake just collaborated.

It’s on the track “Loyal” that Drake and PARTYNEXTDOOR put their voices in duet. And the result is amazing! Thanks to a dancehall beat, a sweet melody and the unique flows of the two artists, the piece is a real hit that will make more than one dance! Like Drake, who is a true Swiss army knife, PARTYNEXTDOOR proves that he too is able to adapt to any production with ease and confirms his status as a rising superstar. Under the watchful eye of OVO’s boss, the singer has recently released another piece, “The News”, where he tackles a more melancholy theme. His fans wonder if the artist would not be preparing a new album, which would not displease us! In the rest of the news the netizens react after the continuation of Jesus Is King of Kanye West …


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