Dragonstone, the dragon’s real home that will have the spin


Dragonstone is one of the most crucial plot points in the final season of Game Of Thrones. Her strength is largely highlighted in the show once Daenerys arrives in Westeros. The castle is built on a volcanic island and not only has a strategic value, it is also of immense historical importance. House of the Dragon will reborn this for all fans.


For Daenerys, the castle was always a home, and for the Baratheons, it was the perfect defense. Since many Game Of Thrones fans haven’t read all the books, and they certainly don’t know the maps, they might be confused as to where the island really is.


Where is Dragonstone?

Dragonstone Castle is located on an island in Blackwater Bay. It is entirely built of stones and shaped like dragons; and is located under the Dragonmont. Very close to the King’s Landing, the smoking island of Dragonstone is just across the water from the city. It basically comes within the capital region of the Seven Kingdoms, as it is located in the Crownlands.



Something very interesting for House of the Dragon. Two hundred years before the ruin, the Valyrians settled on Dragonstone Island. They built a castle for themselves, used witchcraft and magic to shape dragons on purpose, instilling fear in those who saw it and installing thousands of gargoyles on the walls.


Towards the beginning of Game Of Thrones, we saw Dragonstone as Stannis Baratheon’s castle, but in reality the island was colonized after the Baratheons usurped the throne from the Targaryens in Robert’s Rebellion.


Meaning for Targaryens

The island has extremely intimate and historical value to the Targaryens, as it was their ancestral seat. The Targaryens had spent a hundred years on the island since the fall of Valyria. They settled in the castle and slowly gathered their forces and built their kingdom.


Castle and Island

The Valyrians had built Dragonstone Castle through fire, witchcraft, and the arcane arts. Ancient dragon lords used magic and dragon flames to liquefy and reshape stones into beautiful dragons. The castle is filled with dragon figurines, dragon-framed doors, and dragon claws holding torches.


Dragonstone Castle is filled with salty air that smells of smoke and sulfur. Its facilities have a patio and a library as well. With rough black walls, dragon motifs, and reliefs on the walls throughout the castle, it looks more like a military base than a palace.


Strategic value and Age of the castle

From the very beginning, even before Game of Thrones began and long before they thought about the House of the Dragon spin-off, Dragonstone Island has had immense strategic value. Long before the Targaryens came to call it their own ancestral seat, the Valyrians settled on the island and gave it the shape it is today.


Dragonstone Island is volcanic and after the Valyrians, Targaryens were the first in modern times to settle there. The age of the castle itself is more than five centuries. In the words of Stannis Baratheon, the island itself was and is nothing. He had no gold or gems to attract the Valyrian nobility, the entire island or castle has stone.


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