Dragon’s Dogma presents the first trailer of the anime


The adaptation of the Capcom classic will not follow the history of the video game, but will narrate an entirely new adventure.

After his home was destroyed after a dragon attack, the protagonist of Dragon’s Dogma in the Netflix adaptation considers ending him once and for all. So reads the official synopsis, which appears in the description of the trailer, an anime based on the Capcom video game. Ethan will go on an adventure to eliminate the beast, although it remains to be seen if his hatred does not end up turning him into a monster as well.

“Although he appeared to have died, Ethan came back as an Arisen. Together with Hannah, a pawn under Ethan’s command who suddenly appeared, she will embark on a journey to regain her heart. During the trip Ethan will fight against demons, which represent the seven deadly sins, but in reality he does not know that with each demon he fights he will lose a little more of his humanity ”, the synopsis details.

Video games and television, closer and closer

The story is different from that of the original Capcom title, although that does not mean that there are no matching elements between the two proposals. The cyclops and the hydra are present in the anime, as can be seen in the official trailer. Netflix has already experimented with other video game sagas transferred to the anime format. This is the case of Castlevania, which has already been renewed for a fourth season on the video-on-demand platform.

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Beyond the anime adaptations, which will also feature The Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf, a prequel to the series starring Vesemir, the various platforms are moving to bring intellectual properties of video games to television. The Last of Us, the work of Naughty Dog, will come from the hand of HBO, although this time the real action has been chosen. My Friend Pedro or Disco Elysium are other proposals that are underway.


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