DragonEx has stopped withdrawing money, it may close


The crypto currency exchange DragonEx announced that it has stopped withdrawals. The stock market is considering ending its activities completely.

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange DragonEx announced that after the crisis of confidence created by OKEx’s cessation of withdrawals, its users began to withdraw money from the platform in bulk, which deeply affected the service.

The exchange reported in its official statement that it temporarily suspended deposits and withdrawals of all cryptocurrencies after users started withdrawing their money in bulk.

In the statement, it was stated that the exchange is working on a restructuring plan to re-enable these transactions on the platform. If the authorities complete this process successfully until November 2, the deposits and withdrawals will continue from where they left off. Otherwise, activities will be terminated.

DragonEx was hacked in March last year. The current value of cryptocurrencies stolen from the stock exchange in this attack is approximately $ 9 million. The company claims that the cryptocurrencies stolen after more than a year of work could not be recovered. It is alleged that the group behind the attack was North Korea’s famous hacker group Lazarus.

Latest situation in OKEx

Withdrawals still cannot be made at OKEx since last Friday. In the statement made today from the exchange, it was stated that efforts are made to open the money withdrawal transactions as soon as possible, and that all OKEx functions are working, except for withdrawals.


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