Dragon-Themed Costumes of League of Legends Unveiled


Riot Games, the developer of the League of Legends game, announced new legendary costumes for the most popular representative of the MOBA genre. It was also revealed how the costumes looked.

League of Legends, which entered our lives years ago, was perhaps not the founder of the MOBA genre, but it was the pioneer of the genre to reach very large audiences. With the changes it has gone through since that day and the new content it has added, the game has been at the top for many years. Finally, the new “Dragonmancer” costumes for the game were announced.

New legendary costumes were also introduced with the posts made from the official accounts of League of Legends. As those familiar with the series know, when legendary skins are selected, the appearance of champions’ abilities also changes.

New legendary costumes are coming

It was first announced that Lee Sin would get a new costume. Thus, the popular champion will be one of the 5 heroes with the most different costumes with a total of 13 new skins. In addition, Ashe, Brand and Aurelion Sol will also receive a new legendary costume.

Sett will also get his own dragon-themed costume. Additionally, the character will also receive a prestige edition costume. Sett, a fairly new character, had only 1 different costume. Thus, the situation of Samira, the only character without a new costume, will not change.

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In the upcoming skins, Lee Sin will get lightning dragon themed visuals. Ashe will be in the game with a fairy-themed costume. While Brand’s dragon concept is about eternity, Aurelion Sol will come with a storm-themed concept like Lee Sin. Sett will appear with the obsidian concept.

Costumes release date unknown

There is currently no exact release date from Riot Games. However, it is almost certain that we will not wait long for the new costumes after the 10.20 update, which is the next update. According to LoL’s update schedule, the next additional package will be released on Wednesday, September 30th. Still, the game is expected to enter PBE (public beta) tests this week.

The universe created for the League of Legends game also set the background for games such as Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra. Riot Games will continue to tell the stories that take place in this universe for longer.


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