Dragon Quest XII is Announced at Square Event


Dragon Quest XII: As many have already imagined, the event held by Square Enix to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series on Thursday (27) brought as a novelty the announcement of Dragon Quest XII, a new canonical title is in production at the Japanese studio using the engine Unreal Engine 5 chart.

On the occasion, Square Enix released a trailer in which we can see the logo of this new adventure, along with the full name of this new episode: Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate. Check it out below:

New approach

Although we don’t have any gameplay details revealed (which, perhaps, could happen in this year’s Tokyo Game Show), it was anticipated that it will be released simultaneously globally for platforms to be announced.

According to Yuji Hori, game designer for the new episode, he already has his story fully written, in addition to coming with the promise of being much darker and bringing more mature content to the audience, distancing himself from the fantasy aura seen in previous titles . He mentioned, for example, that players are going to have to make several decisions to determine their lifestyles.

It was also said that the traditional matches will undergo some modifications, but that fans of the series will still be able to enjoy all the content without feeling uncomfortable. Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate has yet to have a platform or date announced.

So, looking forward to seeing what’s on the way? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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