Dragon Quest XI S will be a port of Nintendo Switch


Square Enix confirms that PS4 users will have to go through the box again for the new version and that it will have worse graphics than the original.

During the preview of the Xbox Games Showcase, Square Enix came on the scene to announce that Dragon Quest XI will arrive on PC and Xbox One, the only platforms that remained to be released. In addition, the Japanese company confirmed that it will be the S version of the game (which contains all its contents here) and that, as if that were not enough, the title will be available as an output on Xbox Game Pass. However, what Square Enix did not say was that the Dragon Quest XI S that will launch on PC, Xbox One and PS4 will be a port of the Nintendo Switch version, which entails some graphic cut compared to the first version of PS4. . As if that were not enough, the owners of this will not be able to access the news via update and will have to pay again for the game, which will be released on December 4 at a price of 39.99 euros.

Dragon Quest 11S coming to systems aside from switch is great, but for PC and PS4 players of the original version there is a big warning, you have to buy it as its own game and the reason for that is cause this new S release is a port of the switch version aka it looks worse (1/3) pic.twitter.com/ciSLUtv0bM

– Mr. Cheese (@ Mrcheese777) July 23, 2020

On its website, Square Enix cites as reasons to go back to checkout that “this version includes a series of features that were not present in the original PS4 Dragon Quest XI, such as new missions, the ability to switch to 2D mode, improvements in the sound section and more “. The developer also acknowledges that “the graphics will not be the same as those of the PS4 Dragon Quest XI”, but at least ensures that “the resolution and framerate will be as good as they were on PS4.” That is to say that the new version of PS4 will look worse than the previous one and will be a port of another console whose version, ironically, was already a port from the Sony machine.

A real jumble that does not take away so that Dragon Quest XI S is one of the best installments in the saga (the third best rated according to Metacritic). Without going too far, the game received a 9.3 in the analysis of MeriStation, where we assured that “the journey that Dragon Quest XI proposes is like life itself: a roller coaster of joys, losses and unforgettable moments”.


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