Dragon Quest XI S, 43% off in the Switch eShop


The Square Enix JRPG, coming to Game Pass in December, is on sale until October 8. Essential. Draogn Quest XI S is on sale. The title, one of the great JRPGs of this generation of consoles, is at a 43% discount in the Nintendo Switch eShop, leaving its price at 33.99 euros compared to the 59.99 euros of official price.

The offer is available until October 8. The title is scheduled to hit Game Pass on December 1, in addition to coming out in its most complete version also on PC and PS4. Of course, in all these cases, it is a version with the technical finish of the Nintendo Switch, without the level of visual detail that the original version had.

In addition, on Nintendo Switch, there is a 10-hour demo that allows you to play the trial title and, if you like it and go to the purchase version, keep all the progress made during those first hours of play. The game arrives in Spanish and occupies a little more than 14 gigabytes of weight, in case you have to make room in the memory card.

A JRPG like before

The arrival of Dragon Quest XI was a new twist to the classic JRPG format in one of the most orthodox sagas of the genre, but which has been updated. The title tells an epic story of the chosen one on his journey to try to end the evil that lurks while we are recruiting some masterful characters. The game system is turn-based combat, but with variants and situations that add complexity to the proposal and many elements that make it a more agile title than its predecessors, such as the presence of enemies in sight and the absence of combats. random. Toriyama’s unmistakable style in the designs, visuals and certain script twists complete the offering.

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The S version is considered the most complete version of all. On the one hand, it adds new events in 2D worlds – 3DS style – that expand and give a huge amount of overtime. On the other, it is allowed to play with the retro style offered by the version of Nintendo’s portable console, which appeared only in Japan. In addition, orchestrated music was added, several shortcuts to streamline certain mechanics (such as everything related to the forge) and new playable events at a certain point that expanded certain events to a narrative level.

A port of this version will arrive on December 4 to Xbox One (available on Game Pass), PS4 and PC.


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