Dragon Quest X Offline Gets More Development Details


Dragon Quest X was originally released as an online game, but Square Enix will release a completely offline edition of the title that has more details released by Takuma Shiraishi, the game’s producer.

The first point mentioned by him has to do with the change in the style of the game, which had a world and map adjusted for the edition that will work without the requirement of an online connection. Even the dolls that represent the characters will present a slightly more cartoony look, differing a little from the models seen in the original.

It was also said that the game’s story goes to the point Rise of the Five Tribes, continuing later in the online game. The team is trying to work on something along these lines (possibly to try to expand the story into the offline version), but the producer didn’t have any additional information to reveal at the moment.

Finally, the game will also have scenes with voices, in addition to a battle system closer to traditional games (ie, with turn-based combat, and more details will be revealed later).

Dragon Quest X Offline will be released in Japan in 2022 (no date confirmed for the West) and on platforms that have yet to be revealed.