Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai on Crunchyroll


The return of what we knew as the adventures of Fly wants to cover the entire history of the manga and beyond. How to see it.

One of the announcements that pleased the most nostalgic and lovers of manga and anime was the return of Dragon Quest: The adventure of Dai, known here as The Adventures of Fly. A series inspired by the Square Enix video game saga and that unfortunately, at the time, was unfinished. Since the end of last week, it can be seen in Spain legally through the Crunchyroll platform. The first of the chapters is now available

The story narrates the adventures of Dai, called to be the hero who ends evil. The synopsis of the first chapter is as follows: “Dai lives on an island full of monsters who live their lives in peace after the death of the Dark Lord and having rid themselves of his yoke. Dai dreams of being the Hero, but his grandfather, the monster Brass, wants to train him as a magician. That’s when the Hero arrives on the island … or so Dai thinks. ”

The idea is that the series reaches the end of the manga, since as one of Toei’s animators indicates in an interview in Hobby Consolas, it is “one of Horii Yuji’s wishes”, and although he does not affirm it, he believes that “the series will adapt the manga to the end” because “most of the team are fans who have grown up with the manga.”

At the moment the series has five stars out of five after more than 700 votes on the Crunchyroll platform, available on different mobile devices, PC and other platforms, such as Xbox One and PS4. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is within the subscription for premium users from October 2, while the next 9 of the same month can be seen for free users according to its own website.

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