Dragon Quest III can be reset by heating the console


The world of speedruns is full of unusual tactics to reach the shortest possible time in which you can complete a game, and fans of the classic RPG Dragon Quest III were certainly very creative in the process!

Japanese fans have discovered that it is possible to play faster if you control the temperature of the Famicom by manipulating with ice or very hot objects! This crazy thing can be seen in practice in the following tweet:

Usually, it is necessary to turn off the video game and hold the reset button at the same time to cause a glitch that increases the attributes of your group to the maximum, which allows you to end the long campaign in just under 23 minutes.

It turns out that this trick is more likely to work if you increase the temperature of the Famicom (the Japanese version of the NES) to somewhere between 50º C and 80º C, as this makes the internal memory of the system more volatile.

Speedrunners claim they never broke a console by doing this, but it is certainly not something that is recommended for casual gamers. And you, what did you think of this unusual tactic? Comment below!


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