Dragon Pearl: Yamchi’s Victory Over Goku Proves He Doesn’t Deserve to Be Hated


Most Dragon Ball fans would consider Yamcha one of the greatest disappointments in the series, and for the most part they would be right, as he proved time and time again that he is the worst of all Z fighters, despite the fact that he was presented as a tough criminal. – although his victory over Goku proves that Yamcha doesn’t really deserve the hatred he gets from fans.

Yamcha was introduced in the 7th chapter of Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. In this chapter, Yamcha and his werewolf partner Puar are hiding in the desert, as they are both professional bandits, experienced in combat and theft. While waiting for their next victim, Yamcha and Puar notice a group of travelers consisting of Goku, Bulma and Oolong, and the bandits do not waste time trying to rob them. While they are being interrupted, Yamcha and Puar find out that Oolong, Bulma and Goku are looking for Dragon Pearls. They come up with a plan to follow them until they collect all the wish-granting artifacts, and then steal them before Goku and his gang can make their wish. However, over time, Yamcha and Puar decide that the best way to ensure that their victims receive the Dragon Pearls is to help them in their quest, which will effectively make Yamcha and Puar official team members.

In chapter 22 of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Pearls, Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong and Puar have just escaped from the clutches of the villainous Emperor Pilaf, who intended to kill the team after they thwarted his plot for world domination. However, the way they escaped was life-threatening. The team was able to escape from captivity only after Goku looked at the full moon and turned into a Great Monkey. In the form of a Great Ape, Goku destroyed Pilaf’s fortress and fell into a destructive rage that almost cost the lives of members of his own squad. However, not a single member of the Z Fighters died that night, and all thanks to Yamcha, who came up with a plan on the fly and brought it to perfection.

Remembering that grabbing Goku by the tail weakens Saiyan, Yamcha caught the monstrous tail of the Great Ape, which plunged the beast into a soporific trance. However, Yamcha couldn’t hold on forever, so he ordered Puaru to turn into giant scissors and cut off Goku’s tail, hoping that removing it would return Saiyan to his original form. Yamcha’s gamble paid off, and the threat was eliminated. This victory was incredibly impressive, not only because Yamcha was able to defeat the powerful form of Saiyan, but also because of how he accomplished this feat.

Yamcha and the gang had never even heard of this transformation of the Great Ape, let alone encountered it before, and yet Yamcha brilliantly came up with a plan to destroy it. Not only was Yamcha smart enough to figure out how to stop Goku’s Great Ape form, but he also turned out to be strong enough to pull it off. Disabling the great ape is not an easy task, especially when a person is in the midst of total rage, but Yamcha did it and as a result won. Although this battle with Goku was perhaps the peak of Yamchi’s rather disappointing career in Dragon Ball, it still proves that he doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets.