Dragon Pearl: Piccolo’s Self-Discovery, Explanation


Piccolo is one of the most important characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, and his journey from being one of the greatest antagonists Goku has ever encountered to one of Goku’s most important allies is one of the most striking examples of the franchise’s well—documented heel. the path of face rotation.

However, what major events on Piccolo’s path caused him to undergo such a major shift? That’s how Piccolo turned from a literal Demon King into a righteous hero in two lifetimes.

There are two slugs inside each one

Before moving on to how Piccolo turned from the greatest evil into the greatest babysitter, it’s important to learn a little more about the Namekians, the race to which Piccolo belongs. Although the Namekians exist in both Universe 6 and Universe 7, which are featured in Dragon Ball Super, they actually come from a completely different dimension. It was once said that the Namekians were space travelers who traded with various planets, but stopped after the “Great Cataclysm”, as a result of which the Grand Elder Guru was the only survivor.

Before the first disappearance of the Hint; however, the nameless Hint was sent to Earth by his father Katas. The crack of nameless Namekian leads to the creation of two characters who are an integral part of the Dragon Ball story: Kami, who becomes the Guardian of the Earth; and, of course, the Demon King Piccolo.

The cataclysm occurred on the Hint a few hundred years before the events of Dragon Ball, and the planet was very different from what it is now. At one point, the Namekians were technologically advanced, and that’s why they were able to be space travelers, but also how the Nameless Namekian was transported off-world before it was destroyed. Before the Cataclysm, the vast majority of Namekians belonged to the Dragon Clan, a Namek group that specializes in mystical powers—the progenitors of the franchise’s titular artifacts, the Dragon Balls.

The last surviving members of the Dragon Clan are Grand Elder Guru and Nameless Namekian; however, after experiencing the separation of his good and evil sides, Nameless Namekian begins to forget important elements about his origin, his people and himself. This amnesia is also partly due to the fact that his father launched him into space as a child, knowing that the Hint spaceships only require an initial level of proficiency in the spoken language Hint.

Good and evil

When Nameless Namekian split into his good and evil sides, the good side became known as Kami. Nameless Hint arrived at the Sentinel and became one of the students of the aging Guard, and the other in line for this position was Garlic.

The position of Guardian of the Earth was available only to those who are pure in heart, and therefore Nameless Namekian banished evil from his soul, dividing into Kami and King Piccolo. Garlic was denied the position because the Guardian knew that he needed the position only for his selfish purposes, and because deep evil was boiling inside Garlic (sounds familiar?).

While Kami rises to the position of Guardian of the Earth, his evil twin King Piccolo rampages on Earth, sharing a lifeline with Kami. King Piccolo causes chaos until he is defeated at the hands of Master Mutaito and his disciples. King Piccolo is defeated by Mutaito’s selfless use of the Mafuuba (Evil Containment Wave) Technique; however, since this technique only seals the target, not kills it, King Piccolo descends on the world again when Pilaf releases him at the end of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament.

Ancient Ogre

Freed for the first time in more than 300 years, King Piccolo quickly descends on all martial artists in the world to make sure that there is no one alive who could use the Wave of Containment of evil, the first of many victims was Krillin. King Piccolo goes in search of the Dragon Balls to wish to regain his youth by killing Master Roshi, Chiaotsu, and as soon as his wish is fulfilled, King Piccolo kills the eternal dragon as well, not allowing anyone to use the Dragon Balls after him. In a hard battle against Goku, King Piccolo suffers a complete defeat, since all his deformed sons are dead, and he is mortally wounded.

Before his death, King Piccolo spits out a giant egg containing his last son and reincarnation, so that someday in the future he will take revenge. At the same time, King Piccolo maintains a connection between the Kami and “himself”, which means that his own death does not lead to the death of the first, which, therefore, allows the dragon balls to remain in working order. This allows you to revive a lot of people who died during the reign of the evil Namekian.


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