Dragon Knight G5: Samsung announces new monitor


Samsung is launching in China a new gamer monitor that combines good specifications for a more demanding player profile at a very competitive price.

Of course, don’t expect to pay the price of a basic monitor for the Dragon Knight G5, which features a large 27-inch screen in a curved 1000R design. Achieving Quad HD resolution, the product also offers 144Hz display refresh rate.

In addition, the response time is minimal: 1ms of image delay for great accuracy, especially in FPS games. A monitor with such power could not fail to be compatible with dynamic display technologies, which is why AMD FreeSync Premium is supported here.

Last but not least, HDR10 + images are supported, an open-source high-contrast standard created by Samsung alongside Panasonic to compete with Dolby Vision.

This is such a gamer monitor that even its menu interface bets on it with an immersive design in that sense. Here Samsung calls the UX Gaming feature.

As for your connections, Dragon Knight G5 offers HDMI port, DisplayPort, connector for the power cable and an audio output (ideal for connecting a headphone).

As for the price, the G5 will cost the equivalent of US $ 319, which puts it at a competitive value compared to other monitors of 27 with similar features.

The pre-sale begins on August 31, through Chinese e-commerce Jingdong.

Remember, in June Xiaomi announced a gamer monitor of the same size, with a refresh rate of 165Hz, for a similar price: the equivalent of US $ 310.


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