Dragon Dogma: Where to find the Moonlight


Where to find Moonglow How to use Moonglow

Ten years have passed, and players continue to turn to Dragon’s Dogma because of the huge open world of the game, an interesting combat system and an exciting main plot. With the announcement of the sequel, interest in Dragon’s Dogma resumed, and new players began to take up this game and its trials.

As players quickly learn, collecting various items and resources is an important part of Dragon’s Dogma. One particular flower can be a problem for those who are just starting out: Moonglow. This guide will help those players who want to find this flower.

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Where to find the moonlight

In the open world of Dragon’s Dogma, there are interesting day and night mechanics that players may need some time to get used to. As for Moonglow, players should make sure it’s night before looking for this plant. Sleeping in a hotel is the easiest way to make sure that now is the right time.

The easiest area to find the Moonlight is the town of Kassardis in Starfall Bay, a remote part of the beach partially hidden by a rock. Go through the gap in the cliff that stretches to the ocean, and on the shore you can find the moonlight.

In addition, players who are near Cassardis can also go to an Unusual beach to find this plant. There will be enemies in this area, so it’s important to take any of Dragon’s Dogma pawns with you on this hunt.

How to use Moonlight

Moonglow is an item that can restore 50 HP by itself, but it is also used in a simple quest in Dragon’s Dogma and is a useful ingredient. The quest that this item is associated with can be found in Cassardis and it is called “Flower Delivery”. After talking to Benita, you will begin the hunt for Sunbright and Moonglow, and once these materials are collected and returned, players will receive 1000 gold, 500 Exp and 5 Rift Crystals.

In addition to direct use for this side quest, Moonglow can also be combined with Sunbright and Kept Sunbright to create Sweet Pollen, which restores 50 HP and 50 Stamina. Moonlight is an ingredient used to enhance twilight boots, elegant Cassardi shirts, blue longlegs and meniscus. Players must combine the Moonglow with a sealed flask to preserve this item, otherwise it will turn into a wilted flower.

Dragon’s Dogma is already available for PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.