Dragon Dogma: How to Travel fast


Dragon’s Dogma is a huge open world that players can explore and learn about. However, in all the areas that make up this world, there are many enemies that can surprise and stun players. Apart from a simple escape, the best way to get out of unpleasant situations or overcome huge distances in Dragon’s Dogma is a fast journey.

To unlock a fast journey, find items that allow you to do this, and set unique points for teleportation, it requires that the player is familiar with the game. The announcement of the sequel has increased the number of players in Dragon’s Dogma, attracting new players to this game world. This guide will help those who want to learn more about fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma.

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How to Travel Fast in Dragon’s Dogma

The key to teleporting around the world of Dragon’s Dogma are Ferrystones, and these disposable items can be found and bought. Those who are looking for these items can most reliably find them at the Black Cat in Gran Soren, in the Hall of Alienation and in the Hall of Repentance. In addition, those who play Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will find in their vault an eternal iron stone (one that will never break).

After talking with Mountbank, Furnival, Delek and Joy, you will be able to buy Ferrystones at a price of 1000 to 2000 gold in the Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen supplement. In addition to buying them, Ferrystones can sometimes be found at the Portcrystal Ring in Gran Soren, on a boat located in the Ruins of Aernst Castle, as well as in the Dragonforged Cave on Hillfigure Knoll. In the post-game world, players will find Ferrystones in Everfall in chests, as well as in the form of monsters.

Where can players travel fast in Dragon’s Dogma?

Go to the tools section and activate Ferrystone to open a world map with available places to move quickly. The marked places are either permanent portal rings located in cities such as Gran Soren, or portable portal crystals placed by the player. The latter category gives players a bit of freedom when it comes to setting up a place to move quickly. Portable crystals can be placed anywhere except Bitter Black, Witch Forest, any underground place or city.

Portable crystals can be obtained as you progress through the main chain of Dragon’s Dogma tasks, as well as in several other locations with the Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen expansion. Players can find him at the top of the Blue Moon Tower, in the Eternal Waterfall on the Throne of the Servant of the Flame, in the cave of the Dragon Forges on Hillfigur Hill and just outside the door in the area under the giant tree next to the Witch’s House.

Dragon’s Dogma is available for PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.