Dragon Dogma: How to change your vocation


Dragon’s Dogma presents players with a Resurrected character whose heart was stolen by a dragon. At the beginning of this journey, players are asked to choose one of the three main classes known in the game as vocations. This choice doesn’t have to be permanent, but that doesn’t make it any less important in Dragon’s Dogma.

Choosing between professions can be as difficult as choosing a player character design in Dragon’s Dogma, but finding the right place to change your vocation can be even more difficult. This guide will help those players who want to change their calling in Dragon’s Dogma.

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What are the vocations in Dragon’s Dogma?

Professions in Dragon’s Dogma are divided into three main categories: Fighter, Tramp and Magician. The “Fighter” category is focused on hand-to-hand combat and allows players to use swords and shields. Strider combines daggers and bows and exchanges the Fighter’s additional protection for greater speed and agility. The last main vocation, the Magician, wields a staff and summons magic to target enemies and heal the pawns of the Dragon Dogma.

As players level up and improve their skills, they can unlock advanced professions in the game: Warrior, Ranger or Sorcerer. They are associated with the professions of a Warrior, a Wanderer and a Magician, respectively, and open access to new and more powerful weapons, skills and improvements.

In addition to these advanced professions, players can also unlock hybrids that combine the advantages of the other two professions. A Mystical Knight works like a combination of a Fighter and a Magician, an Assassin combines a Tramp and a Fighter, and a Magic Archer combines a Tramp and a Magician. They have their own unique weapons and skills, but it takes players to reach level 10.

Where and how to change your profession in Dragon’s Dogma?

Professions in Dragon’s Dogma change, and players will be able to change their character’s profession as soon as they meet a character known as Asalam. This NPC is located with the capital Grand Soren, near the center of the Dragon’s Dogma world. In Union Inn, players can talk to this character and change their vocation for Discipline points.

It is important to remember that each vocation has nine levels of progression, and they will be preserved even if the character switches. Skills cannot be combined between professions, but upgrades (passive abilities unlocked by different professions) that players unlock can be used regardless of the profession.

For those players who have Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, there is another place where you can change your profession, and this can be done by visiting the Eagle on the village pier in Kassardis. After talking with this character and going to the Island of Bitter Black, you will open the opportunity to change your profession.

Dragon’s Dogma is already available for PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.