Dragon Ball Z Kakarot gets the Card Warriors mod for free


Bandai Namco presents the trailer of the new strategic mode for its adventure and action video game based on Dragon Ball; available free on the 28th.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot presents its new card-based game mode known as Card Warriors, a new free mode that was already presented at the last Tokyo Game Show and that finally has a release date. This was announced by Bandai Namco, confirming that this new update will be available from October 28, 2020 at no cost, sharing a new trailer and detailing the main game mechanics of Card Warriors.

Available for free on October 28

Thus, this new card-based minigame will arrive shortly before the launch of the second great DLC of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, known as The awakening of a new power: Part 2 and dedicated to the movie The Resurrection of Freeza. And it is that once this new patch is downloaded, we will be able to participate in animated card battles challenging any player in the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot universe.

So much so, that when starting a game, each player must choose their cards to create two decks, one dedicated to game characters and special events and another that will contain five cards called ESP; Each player will have to destroy the opponent’s cards using special attacks until their health bar drops to zero. While the character and event cards will serve to drain the opponent’s health, the ESP cards will allow you to unleash a great power that can turn the game from one side or the other.

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Card Warriors will offer up to three different game modes, such as Casual Combat, Ranked Combat, and Budokai Combat. In the first mode there will be nothing at stake while the second will allow you to move up or down in rank depending on the result; the third will be the most important and competitive, since it will be held once a month and will offer unique rewards to the winning teams.


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