Dragon Ball Z Arrives In Full On Blu-Ray in Spain: Date, Price And Content


Dragon Ball Z: The mythical Goku series will arrive with the Frieza, Cell and Bu sagas in full with a restored, complete and uncensored edition. All the details. The wishes of the fans have come true: Dragon Ball Z will arrive in Spain in Blu-Ray format. After the success in this format of Dragon Ball Super, which is currently in the editing process, Selecta Vision has announced all the details of this long-awaited premiere, which will bring the mythical anime series of Akira Toriyama with Goku, Vegeta and company in a remastered edition in today’s high definition standard. Let us know the date and details of its premiere in our country.

Dragon Ball Z on Blu-Ray: when it arrives, how much it will cost and what it will include

This will be the first time that we can access Dragon Ball Z in its entirety on Blu-Ray in Spain. In addition, to the joy of all the residents of autonomous communities from all over the Peninsula, it will not only be possible to listen to it in Spanish, but also in Catalan, Basque, Galician and Valencian; added to Japanese audio with Spanish subtitles translated from the original Japanese script. All of them in 2.0 DTS HD audio to guarantee the highest sound fidelity. Small details.

The distribution of Dragon Ball Z on Blu-Ray will consist of a total of 14 volumes, each one with a design according to the arc in which the series is located under a red background that is powerfully reminiscent of the staples of the original comic. The first volume (BOX 1) will consist of episodes 1 to 20 in a total of three discs; so that each Blu-Ray will consist of approximately six or seven episodes. To all this we must add a set of 10 classic virtual cards, special cell cards and a guide in paper format of the episodes.

The common denominator of all of them is that it is the restored edition, intact and without censorship, in its original format. The difference is that the overall resolution, picture and sound quality are increased.