Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 introduces Toppo as a character


Toppo is coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for free as part of Update 12. The warrior will join Paikuhan at its launch this spring.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will add another new fighter as part of update 12, free for all players. The chosen one is Toppo, who will join Paikuhan as part of this content capsule, scheduled for sometime in spring 2021.

The fighter will be recognized by all fans of Dragon Ball Super, who is known as the warrior of Freedom. Unfortunately, no details have been revealed about his behavior in combat, quite the opposite of his update partner, Paikuhan, whom we have already seen in images.

Regarding the rest of the content, new figures will arrive at the Hero’s Coliseum, new expert missions and much more. The new costumes for Bardock and Gine stand out, taken from the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly! These pair of skins are just a preview of what will be included. On the other hand, Janemba will be available as a pet.

Road 5 years behind him, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s health doesn’t seem to waver. Before closing 2020, we knew that the title had exceeded 7 million units sold to date. Sales that were accompanied by Dragon Ball FighterZ, with more than 6 million. We talk about the living history of Akira Toriyama’s license in the transfer of him to the world of video games.

We have to go back to August 2020 to find the last big content update. In it we saw the introduction of Kaio Supreme of Time, 15 new pets, 10 new models for companion characters, a new technique and much more. The amount and pace of unreleased material is still there. Unfortunately we will have to wait a little longer to find out at what point the expected content wave will be in update 12. The company urges “patience” from the followers, who will see more information in the coming weeks.


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