Dragon Ball: The Last Three Movies Will Be Streaming In Spain


Dragon Ball: We tell you where to stream the latest Dragon Ball movies, which will be available on various platforms. For a limited time, but the three most recent Dragon Ball movies will be available on video-on-demand services. The information has been advanced by the Comedy Central network (via Sensacine), which will broadcast on January 29 a marathon of the Akira Toriyama saga in which Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods, Dragon Ball Z: The resurrection of F and Dragon Ball Super: Broly, starting at 19:00 (CET). But what about streaming?

Where to watch Dragon Ball movies in streaming

According to Comedy Central, the three feature films will be available for a limited time on Movistar+, Orange, Vodafone and FuboTV. Of course, during the thirty days following the broadcast of January 29. Although the movie starring Broly could originally be seen on Amazon Prime Video, it was later withdrawn and can currently only be rented through Apple TV +.

In The Battle of the Gods we meet one of the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super, the fearsome god of destruction Beerus. The film loosely adapts the anime and covers the first stage of the animated series, which continues today. Something similar happens with The Resurrection of F, a film in which Frieza returns with a new, more powerful form. As for Broly, he is one of the old anime characters, but this tape rewrote his story to adapt it to the new canonical lines.

The future of the saga is guaranteed. The success of Super has provided the opportunity for Akira Toriyama to continue narrating the adventures of Goku and his friends alongside Toyotaro in the manga and Toei Animation in the anime version. The next movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is scheduled for this year 2022.