Dragon Ball Surprises With A New Transformation


Dragon Ball Surprises: The universe of Super Dragon Ball Heroes presents a new form for the Saiyan race, this time with Turles as the main protagonist. This is how it looks in pictures. Dragon Ball is still willing to expand its universe with new transformations. The Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime, corresponding to the spin-off line produced by Toei Animation, has presented the Legendary Evil Saiyan for the Saiyans race (original from Planet Vegeta); to which Goku, Vegeta or Turles, the protagonist of today, belong.

The character we met in the first Dragon Ball Z movie, Goku’s brother, will achieve a new transformation in episode 3 of the New Space Time War arc of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. As we can see, it is an evil form of the Legendary Super Warrior. Below we explain how things are on the plot level, so we recommend not reading further if you are following the series or want to refrain from sensitive content to be considered spoilers.

Turles against Vegeta; Legendary Evil Saiyan vs. Super Saiyan Blue

The first details that have transpired from the episode is that this new transformation of Turles, Legendary Evil Saiyan, will make things very difficult for Vegeta, with whom he is facing. The Saiyan prince must prevent that dark energy from absorbing him and turning him into a monster; ghosts of the past after his approach to Majin Vegeta, when he allowed himself to be controlled by Babidi to achieve supreme power and eliminate any kind of feeling from his mind.


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