Dragon Ball Super: when is chapter 66 released?


After a spectacular chapter 65, the saga is about to come to an end. We already know the exact date and time of the premiere of the new episode.

Dragon Ball Super is in a sweet moment. The manga of Toyotaro, disciple of Akira Toriyama with more and more stripes in the drawing, has written a saga with few ups and downs that, after what happened in chapter 65, lets us glimpse that the end of this arc is very, very close . We already have the confirmed date and time of the premiere in Spain of chapter 66 in Manga Plus.

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Release date and time of chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super

The official Manga Plus website has confirmed that it will be on November 20 at 16:00 (CET) when the next episode will be released. Contrary to these last six months, when we always had a new chapter once a month at 5:00 p.m. peninsular time in Spain, the time change that takes place at the end of October (one hour less to go to GTM -1) It also turns the clock hands back sixty minutes. So in the early afternoon of November 20 we can access Manga Plus and see what finally happens between Goku Ultra Perfect Instinct and Moro.

(From this point the article contains plot spoils from Dragon Ball Super)

We have already told you in great detail in our summary of chapter 65: this confrontation is reminding us a lot of what happened with Piccolo in the final part of the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament. Goku has decided to give Moro a senzu seed so that he can return to prison. After an exchange of blows and a lot of frenzy, Goku manages to master this new form of Ultra Instinct and seems to put his rival on the ropes, who threatens to explode the entire galaxy by becoming a bomb. What will happen now? Shueisha’s V-Jump trailer anticipates the end of the arc is near.

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We remember that Manga Plus is a free app for iOS and Android, official of the Shueisha publishing house, owner of Shonen Jump; and allows each chapter to be legally read in Spanish with simultaneous release with the rest of the world. It can also be read comfortably in the browser.


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