Dragon Ball Super: when does chapter 63 premiere?


The next episode of the manga drawn by Toyotaro will arrive this August in full Spanish and legally in Manga Plus. Manga Plus has become one of the most loyal tools for lovers of Japanese comics, shonen and, more specifically, Jump series.

Dragon Ball Super is one of the stars of the Shueisha label despite not being in the weekly magazine (One Piece, My Hero Academia …) and, in this house, you already know that we love it.

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Release date of Dragon Ball Super # 63 in Manga Plus

After the spectacular Chapter 62, we already know when and at what time Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 will premiere: August 20 at 5:00 p.m. (CEST). As indicated by the official Manga Plus website, it will be in exactly three weeks when we will have our monthly ration of Toyotaro, disciple of Akira Toriyama and in charge of giving shape and color to this canonical sequel to Dragon Ball.

Chapter 62 took away the hiccups, as Salva Fernàndez told us in this summary. We are talking about an episode where – without going into storyline guts – the Z Warriors had to face each other against what is surely one of the most fearsome and powerful rivals in the entire Dragon Ball canon to date. Moro, name of this beast, absorbed Seven Three and achieved superlative power. What came next was simply exciting. Vignettes in motion with a Toyotaro who feels increasingly comfortable and hints that the differences with the master Toriyama continue to exist, but they are not so many because he feels like a fish in the water drawing this series.

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Manga Plus, available free on iOS and Android

Manga Plus can be used comfortably, legally and with a multitude of series in Spanish through the browser, iOS and Android devices; regardless of whether it is Smartphone or tablet because the app is optimized. In addition, practically all series in circulation have simulrelease; that is, simultaneous release worldwide, allowing us to read the chapters of our favorite series from the moment of their release with all the advantages and a professional translation.

See you on August 20 at 5:00 p.m. (CEST)!


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