Dragon Ball Super: The Super Hero Has Just Created The Biggest Canon Of Gohan Memes


A new trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been released, and, oddly enough, it has inadvertently become Gohan’s biggest canonical meme in the fandom. The meme in question is probably little known in Japan, and any mention of it is probably a coincidence. However, the fact that Super Hero is doing anything at all to draw attention to the meme is still interesting enough to merit discussion.

During the Dragon Ball Super Power Tournament, the anime community on 4chan jokingly put forward the idea that Gohan would get a “Gohan Blanco” form, a transformation similar to Super Saiyan, which would make him gray hair and make him the strongest character in the franchise. The ridiculous nature of this idea, which included people coming up with stories about how Gohan has to fight with the Great Priest and Jiren’s brother, a character called exclusively “El Hermano”, led to the fact that it quickly spread through the Dragon Pearl fandom and became mass. a meme for the entire Tournament of Strength. The fact that the transformation of gray hair really appeared through Ultra Instinct made the meme even funnier, and five years after its creation, Gohan Blanco remains one of the biggest memes for Gohan and Dragon Ball in general.

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Considering how big a meme Gohan Blanco has become, it’s funny that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero kind of makes him a canon. In the latest Superhero trailer, it was revealed that Gohan will receive a new form, which Akira Toriyama called “Son of Gohan The Beast”, which, in addition to his eyes turning red and his hair becoming massive and wild, turns his hair white. . The context is completely different, but the fact that Gohan is now actually transformed in gray hair forms the main idea of the canon of Gohan Blanco’s meme years after his conception.

But seriously, another interesting connection between Gohan Blanco and Gohan’s Son The Beast is what they mean to Gohan as a character. Part of the backstory of Gohan Blanco’s meme was to give Gohan the opportunity to finally return to becoming one of the strongest fighters in the Dragon Ball franchise after years of being overshadowed by other characters and treated as a borderline joke. Although it is currently unknown how Son Gohan Beast will be used, it will definitely be Gohan’s strongest form to date, and it will go a long way to confirming his status as one of the strongest fighters in Dragon Ball.

When Gohan gets a silver-haired transformation into Son Gohan Beast, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero inadvertently canonizes the popular Gohan Blanco meme, or at least its basic concept. Since the meme apparently originates from the English part of the fandom, the similarity between them is undoubtedly a coincidence, and not any hint at the audience of the franchise. However, considering how similar these two forms are—and especially considering that they both serve to give Dragon Ball’s Gohan a huge boost in strength— it’s definitely interesting to think about.