Dragon Ball Super: the consequences of the new form of Frieze


The most recent chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, chapter 87, marked the end of the Granola survivor saga after the unexpected appearance of the franchise’s most iconic antagonist, Frieza. When Goku and Vegeta are brought to the brink due to back-to-back fights against people who were once the strongest beings in Universe 7, they are relieved, surprised and alarmed when Friza deals with the main antagonists of the arch, Gus and his brother Elek. , in two strokes.

Friza destroys the enemy with characteristic ruthlessness, brandishing an entirely new transformation, which he calls “Black Friza”. What does the restoration of Frieze as the most feared enemy of the Universe 7 mean for the Dragon Ball franchise in the future?

The former Emperor of Space

After Frieza’s defeat on the planet Hint and his subsequent embarrassment on Earth thanks to the Trunk, he no longer posed a threat to the universe. However, in the movie Resurrection F, the cosmic tyrant returned in a new form that was supposed to surprise and surpass his nemesis Goku and Vegeta, but they were well prepared with their Super Saiyan Blue forms.

With Vis’s help, Frieza’s threat was suppressed again, and it was assumed that he would never be as big a threat as in the past, especially with the new heights reached by Goku and Vegeta, the emergence of fighters. much stronger than they are in other universes, and the presence of Berus, the Destroyer. Frieza becomes an even more afterthought in Granolah the Survivor Saga, as the eponymous character of the arc uses dragon balls from his home, Planet Cereal, to become the strongest warrior in the universe in exchange for a huge part of his life, and the main villains of the arc, the Heaters, use the same dragon balls to make his younger brother Gus the most strong in the universe under the same conditions as the desire for Granola.

The strongest tactic in the Universe

Naturally, Goku and Vegeta have their work cut out for them, as the Heaters are manipulating them for the first time, as Granola was supposed to join the fight. The idea was that Granola would be destroyed by the next best thing, which would also be removed from the frame during a fierce fight; however, a bit of truth from Granola’s longtime guardian Monaito, creator of Dragon Balls from Planet Cereal, sees Granola discarding her intense hatred of the Saiyan race to deal with a common enemy: gas.

Granola is manipulated by the Heaters, who hide the fact that the destruction of Planet Cereal by the hands of the Sayans on Friza’s orders was part of the business that the Heaters themselves agreed on. Trying to kill several birds with one stone, the elder Heather, Elek, secretly contacts Friza and lures him to the Planet Flakes so that the new strongest in the universe, Gus, can deal with the emperor of space and allow a new Reign of Heaters. As Gus’ body begins to fall apart as a result of his life’s negotiations in exchange for power, he gains an even greater advantage over the Saiyans, but the realization of what his brother has done to gain access to this higher power leaves Gaz in shock. He is not allowed the luxury of thinking when Friza appears and quickly pierces Gus’s chest with her hand.

Meet the Black Frieze

After getting rid of the Gas, Friza quickly assumes that Elek contacted him to arrive at the Grain, but was killed. Elek blurts out that he wanted Gus to be the strongest in the universe, so Friza explains why it makes no sense: he stumbled upon a place where time flows differently, and managed to train there for ten years. He reveals the fruits of his labor: a completely new form known as the “Black Frieze”. As explained in the franchise earlier, the Spirit and Time Room (the Hyperbolic Time Chamber) has different laws governing its physics, and one day in the one on the Kami observation deck is equal to a year outside.

These places are actually alternate dimensions, and this is further confirmed by the fact that the interior of one of these places extends infinitely in any direction. Merus, a senior officer of the Galactic Patrol and Goku’s mentor regarding the use of Ultra-Instinct, has shown that there are other similar places with a similar structure, but the nature of each is different. Frieza was essentially not in the universe when Elek made his wish, leaving the emperor of the cosmos out of calculations. His new strength creates an old but new problem: Friza is once again unmatched in strength, which means that he is now able to return to his former glory.

The Emperor of Space once again

Black Frieza is another example of the creeping power that takes place in the Dragon Ball universe. As Goku reaches new heights, the villains of the series become stronger and stronger, bringing the series to its current trajectory.


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