Dragon Ball Super shares New Namek’s hopeful destiny


Dragon Ball Super of Episode 67 was full of surprises and was the target for one of the best New Namek, the planet DBZ opened.

Dragon Ball Super’s long Moro Arc has finally come to an end, the Z Warriors celebrated their great victory over the treacherous sorcerer, and with this victory came a new future for the Planet Namek and the Namekian people. Piccolo

While Piccolo was not the one to strike the final blow on Moro after the Earth fused with him, his energy helped Goku’s energy in the manga to a point that could cause the death of the sorcerer who absorbed it. the energy of the planets in the galaxy.

Warning! If you haven’t read Episode 67, the final episode of the Dragon Ball Super manga, you may want to stay away from the rest of this article when entering the spoiler zone for the future of the series.

About New Namek in Dragon Ball Super

Moro Bow Z Fighters was one of the longest stories to date in the sequel series, spanning years in which both opponents and planets tried to find a way to surpass Moro’s ability to steal energy. integers.

After the defeat of the villain, Mr. Satan became the first to offer Goku and his friends the opportunity to relax and celebrate their victory with plenty of food and drink. As the celebration draws to a close, the Z Warriors set out to heal Planet Namek once again by collecting Namekian Dragon Balls to revive those who died of Moro’s rage.

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Planet Namek took a misstep in the Dragon Ball franchise throughout its history, first besieged by the villain Freeza, and this last arc once again put him in the crossfire.

One of the biggest leaps of Vegeta’s character during the Moro Arc was to examine how the Saiyan Prince tried to make amends for his own sins when he arrived at Namek, and tormented the race at the same time as the arrival of the Frisian.

It goes without saying that this tremendous resurrection marks a bright future for the planet that has already gone through so much.


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