Dragon Ball Super Proves That Goku Made a Huge Mistake by Abandoning One Ally


The allies that Goku gathered throughout the Dragon Ball manga together became a team of Earth’s greatest defenders known as the Z Fighters, but Goku abandoned one important ally in the early years, and this turned out to be a serious mistake in Dragon Ball Super.

In Chapter 56 of Dragon Ball Super by Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro, Goku trains to fight the villain Moro, who has the power to absorb entire planets and use the energy he absorbs from the life forms in these worlds to transform himself into one of the most powerful. fighters in the universe. In an effort to become stronger, Goku trains with the angel Merus, who helps Sayan unleash the angelic power of Ultra Instinct. However, in the middle of his training with Merus in a remote place in the middle of space, Merus is summoned, leaving Goku to pilot his spaceship to Earth himself, despite the fact that Goku has no idea how to fly. the spaceship doesn’t even know where the Earth is.

In chapter 56 of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Pearl, Goku finds himself in a similar predicament after encountering the villainous forces of the Red Ribbon Army. Traveling the Earth in his Flying Nimbus in search of Dragon Balls, Goku is shot down by a member of the Red Ribbon Army as he is seen as a threat in the evil organization’s own quest to find the Dragon Balls themselves. The attack apparently destroys the Flying Nimbus. Although Goku quickly copes with his attacker, he is still left without transport. So Goku looks through the Red Ribbon capsules in hopes of finding something he can use. At the same time, Goku meets a sarcastic but useful robot who allowed Goku to board the ship and even took him to the next desired place.

Joining forces with this robot with a red ribbon, Goku quickly threw it, jumping out of the ship on which the robot was flying before the android managed to land. If Goku had kept the robot close by, just keeping his storage capsule in his pocket during his many adventures, then he would always have a reliable pilot. When Goku stayed in that distant world in Dragon Ball Super and he himself had to fly back to Earth, he got lost along the way and spends precious time, which he and his allies simply did not have. In fact, Goku’s lateness (due to not having a reliable pilot with him) almost doomed Earth to a devastating fate, as it took him so long to return and fight alongside the other Z fighters against the terrifying villains. Moreau.

Most of Goku Z Fighter’s allies were featured in the pages of the original Dragon Ball manga and remained throughout the series, gaining strength and overall usefulness to the point that the manga wouldn’t be the same without them. Unfortunately, the only ally that Goku met as a child — whom he could always have with him and who could easily bring him back to Earth — was absent—mindedly abandoned immediately after his appearance – something that almost brought the Dragon universe to life. Ball Super to a terrifying end.


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