Dragon Ball Super Finally Gives Goku Classic Saiyan Battle Armor


Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 84 ahead!

In the heat, smoke and fire of the battle, no sight inspired greater fear in the opponents than the blue-white-gold battle armor of Saiyan, but, surprisingly, Goku had never worn the traitorous Saiyan Warrior badge until the recent Dragon Ball chapter. Awesome

Like the Spartans of ancient Greece, the Sayans have evolved into one of the preeminent military societies and cultures in Universe 7. Their combat brutality is literally a core element of their DNA. Realizing their military effectiveness, after the conquest and destruction of their home planet Vegeta, Friza forced Sayan to serve in his army. As part of Frieza Force, the Saiyans were provided with a unique combat armor that allowed them to fully unleash their potential in battle. As with any army, Saiyan’s battle armor had different shapes, and the specific shape was used depending on the situation. However, the most famous type, which was usually worn by the Saiyans in Freyza’s Squad, consisted of a blue jumpsuit with white gloves, boots and a white and gold breast plate. It was light but protective and extremely flexible. Indeed, he had the ability to maintain his form even when Saiyan transformed into a great ape.

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In chapter 84 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku finally dons Saiyan armor after hundreds of battles over a long career. It happened after he heard the story of his father Bardok, Goku finally accepted his Saiyan identity and felt the “pride of the people”. Interpreting this as meaning that Goku wants to be like his father and wear traditional Saiyan battle armor, Monaito dresses Goku and Vegeta in battle armor.

Despite Goku’s Saiyan origin and his martial inclinations, for the first time in the manga he is shown wearing Saiyan battle armor. Of course, his usual “combat uniform” is no less a cult kimono for martial arts. There’s nothing new about seeing Vegeta in armor. As a leading member of Frieza’s Squad, Vegeta was often seen wearing Saiyan battle armor. He continued to wear the uniform until Bulma created a new one for him based on the original model during the Android Saga. The only previous case where Goku wore something remotely similar to Saiyan’s battle armor was the armor created by Bulma. In Dragon Ball Z, chapter 196, Goku and Gohan are shown wearing armor as they emerged from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber after training to fight the Cage. However, as soon as he left the room, Goku immediately changed into a looser and more comfortable kimono.

The time he spends in traditional Saiyan battle armor in chapter 84 of Dragon Ball Super is equally short-lived, as almost immediately after the armor materializes on him, he asks the Monk to return his original outfit to him. He and Vegeta then quickly change into their old clothes to fight Gus. Even though the Saiyan battle armor was designed to provide maximum protection without compromising the wearer’s fighting abilities and style, it took the discovery of his Saiyan roots to finally convince Goku to try it on for a while. This is one small step for Goku’s open-mindedness and a giant leap for Sayan’s pride.