Dragon Ball Super: Dramatic Turn in Final Episode


Chapter 66 is now available for free and features a script twist that leaves the earth at the mercy of the evil Moro.

The time has come. Chapter 65 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is now available to watch for free in Manga Plus, and as expected, there has been a script change after the events of episode 64. In case you don’t remember, Goku managed to dominate Ultra Instinct perfection and he unceremoniously crushed Moro, the most evil villain we remember in all of Dragon Ball Super. In the final stretch of that episode, it seemed that Goku had an idea to “do things our way”, as on earth, before a character sentenced to death by the Galactic Patrol. What did those words from Goku mean? Today we already know, and things get complicated. from here, massive spoils on the episode.

Goku, in an act reminiscent of the one he did with Piccolo at the end of the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament, decides to give Moro a senzu seed in exchange for him to return to prison. Naturally, and he already expected it, the villain tries to attack Goku, but again he finds himself with an impassable wall. Ultra Instinct is so much better. The security that Goku shows in this situation makes him speak calmly with a character who is invaded by impotence, since he knows that he cannot beat him. But something happens.

Moro realizes that he has a severed hand behind Goku, and decides to get hold of it. It is precisely the hand with which he tried to copy Merus’s techniques, but the now-disappeared angel prevented him. Moro manages to take the arm and acquire the power of Whis’s brother, something that unleashes a new evolution of this beast and prepares, it seems, to face Goku Ultrainstinto.

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Although the combat now seems balanced because they both have the same power, Moro considers that he has an advantage thanks to his magic, and in fact, while Goku asks him to follow him so as not to destroy the planet, Moro manages to hit him, something unthinkable in the pages previous. But Goku remains very confident, while something surprising happens to Moro: the body cannot store the power of an angel as it would like and begins to swell.

Moro seems uncontrolled and with Goku in clear advantage, but something happens: Moro joins the whole earth to be able to maintain the power of the angel within himself. The drama is served: if it ends up exploding, it will explode the entire earth and possibly the entire galaxy. If Goku kills him, he will kill the earth. The memories of what happened with Cell come back to our minds, as we wonder: Does Vegeta have any ideas?


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