Dragon Ball Super: drama and epic in the last chapter


Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super, which can be seen in Manga Plus, has Merus as the protagonist, who arrives for a final mission to save Goku.

The last chapter of Dragon Ball Super, number 63, is now available to be seen in the Manga Plus application completely free of charge. In it, as episode 62 left us, we waited to see what would happen with the arrival of Merus, the intergalactic patrolman who in turn is also, like Whis, his older brother, an angel. Merus has been training Goku to master the Ultra Instinct, something that the saiyan did not end up achieving. But now that the entire planet and galaxy is in danger from Moro, one of the most evil villains we remember in the entire franchise, Merus decides to act. From here you will have spoilers about the chapter.

The chapter begins with Merus prepared to face Moro, who after absorbing Seven Three is simply unbeatable and has left all the Z warriors on the brink of death: Vegeta, Goku, Gohan and Piccolo. The combat is spectacular, with Merus facing the almighty Moro while using a kind of stick with which he lengthens himself, like Goku’s mythical weapon. In fact, Merus is pending to always fight with this weapon so that it is understood that he does it as an Intergalactic Patrolman.

Son Goku’s Angel

The reason is that if you unleash all your power as an angel, you will end up disappearing: angels are neutral figures who cannot position themselves in favor of good or evil, but Merus has awakened within himself a sense of justice thanks to the work of the patrol in which he is and also to the attitude and philosophy of Goku, whom he was training in previous chapters. In fact, he had to stop doing it because it endangered his existence for the aforementioned.

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