Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 76 Now Available: How To Read It For Free In Spanish


Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 76 of Dragon Ball Super can now be read for free and in Spanish online thanks to Manga Plus. We tell you how to read it from the app or browser. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 is now available worldwide. The wait is over and our monthly appointment with the Toyotaro manga, a direct sequel to the canonical events of Dragon Ball Z, urges us to continue with this new story arc for Granola (Granolah the Survivor Saga); and the truth is that it is burning. We tell you how to read it for free, legally and in Spanish from Manga Plus.

Dragon Ball Super 76: now available for free and in Spanish

From this Monday, September 20 at 17:00 (CEST); Spanish peninsular time (Mexico City, 10:00 am; United States – New York, 11:00 am; United States – Pacific, 08:00 am) we can now access the official Manga Plus website and enjoy it in Spanish or in English of chapter 76 of the Dragon Ball Super manga. Since chapter 67, the Granola saga has been taking shape little by little; to the point of reaching its climax in recent months with the awakening of Vegeta’s new power.

In order to read the manga we have two options. The first, read it from a web browser; the second, from the mobile application for iOS or Android devices. Next, we leave you the links to download the app and to read it in a browser. In both cases it is free and totally legal; in return, the application includes ads, but they do not intervene in the reading or are intrusive.


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