Dragon Ball Super, chapter 64 now available


Manga Plus publishes the new chapter entirely in Castilian to follow the combat between Moro and Goku. Will it come to an end?

Manga Plus returns to the load with the publication of the long-awaited chapter 64 of Dragon Ball Super, which left us wanting more after all the brutal events that occurred in the previous episode, 63. The climax of the new story arc of the work de Toriyama is already before us, and it is expected that the development of the cartoons of Toyotaro, the official disciple of the creator of the original work, reaches its peak during these pages published today September 18. Chapter 64 is out now.

Attention: spoilers from the previous chapter

In chapter 63 we could see how Merus, the galactic patrolman who is also Whis’s brother, faced Moro to try to buy time and finish giving him the necessary push to achieve Ultra Instinct. A spectacular combat, with a lot of dynamism and with a forceful ending due to the presence of a death without the possibility of going back. And all this when we were already coming from previous chapters in which Moro had shown a brutality and violence that was not so common in Super.

How to read the Dragon Ball Super chapter for free and in Spanish
To read Dragon Ball Super and all Shueisha’s works on the day of its official publication we must use Manga Plus, a legal application to be able to follow the plot. We can do it from the web, through this link, and if we cannot download it on our mobile devices

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