Dragon Ball Super: a new danger for Goku and Vegeta


Granola, the survivor. This is the name of the new story that is going to endanger the entire universe and that leaves the Saiyans in the spotlight.

Dragon Ball Super has released today a new chapter, 68, of the manga that can be consulted for free through the Manga Plus application, where it is translated into Spanish as it happens every month. In it we can see the second chapter of the new Granola arc, the survivor, a character we saw in chapter 67 as he assaulted a ship to take what was left of Seven Three, one of the enemies that Goku and company fought with during the Moro arch. Now we know more details about this new character and what is to come. We explain it, with guts, below.

At first we see a nightmare of Granola, who dreams of an assault by the Saiyans in his Ozaru form on what is supposed to be the planet where he lived. It should be noted that the great monkey that we see in the images could be, due to the scar, Bardock himself, although we will see if it is confirmed. Apparently, Granola is the only survivor of a race that fell at the hands of Freeza and the Saiyans, and he wants to claim revenge against both of them, although he believes that both the emperor and Vegeta’s race and the others are already dead.

As this happens, we see how Goku and Vegeta are training on the planet of Beerus. Goku already controls the Ultra Instinct transformation, but as Whis tells him, this is “just the starting point”; and he still has a lot of room for improvement. Without going any further, Whis is much better than Goku and the High Priest is better than the angel himself. On his part, Vegeta doesn’t think this transformation will work for him, and Bills tells him that there is another path used by the Gods of Destruction. Vegeta, interested, goes with him to see if he can know what it is about.

All of this happens as we watch as Granola delivers Seven Three to a group of space pirates and is thrilled to learn that Freeza has come back to life. Of course, after some action scenes with a partner who wanted to sabotage him, Granola himself admits that he must become much stronger, be the strongest in fact, to defeat Freeza. In the cartoons themselves they wonder: The strongest in the universe?


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