Dragon Ball Super: A Great Truth About Granolah’s Past Revealed


Chapter 77 of the Dragon Ball Super manga sheds light on Granolah’s past, as well as a tragic event that marked him forever


Until recently the story of the Dragon Ball Super manga focused on the battle between Granolah against Goku and Vegeta. However, it was later that he came up with an unexpected plot twist.

All because Monaito, after being silent for a long time, decided to tell the truth about what happened 40 years ago. That was when the Saiyans invaded the planet Cereal under the orders of the evil Frieza. But talking about it is …


Monaito revealed that, despite what one might think, not all Saiyans were evil. This is how he talked about Bardock, Goku’s father.

Perhaps due to the recent birth of the latter he felt pity for Granolah when he was a child, as well as his mother, Muesli.

He for the same he did not kill them, but even hid them from his fellow men. That was certainly a tricky thing to do, but he pulled it off. But he did not count on what fate had in store for him.

After saving both Ceresians he met Monaito. It seemed that things would work out in Chapter 77 of Dragon Ball Super. But unexpectedly the heeters entered the scene.

In the past they located worlds to be conquered by Freeza and his men. They had the role of intermediaries and took a percentage of the profits along the way. At first they didn’t notice Bardock or the others.

Granolah has been deceived in Dragon Ball Super

But then things changed because of a mistake on the part of Granolah. The heeters noticed his presence, as well as Goku, Monaito and Muesli. That caused a disaster.

Despite the Saiyan’s attempts to cover up what was happening, one of the newcomers, Elec, shot the boy’s mother and killed her. Enraged by such a cruel action, Goku’s father attacked the newcomers, serving as a distraction.

That allowed Granolah and Monaito to escape the heeters. This is how it was revealed in the Dragon Ball Super manga that these villains were not only responsible for the destruction of the Ceresians, but also killed Muesli.

To make matters worse, Granolah trusted them as his allies, but in reality he was always manipulated. Things have gotten pretty tough and the next chapter will be very exciting.


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