Dragon Ball Movie the Last Stand: Fans Put Dragon Ball Evolution in its Place


Dragon Ball Movie the Last Stand: A group of fans are working on their own live action adaptation of the famous manganime Dragon Ball and present their spectacular new teaser trailer.Dragon Ball Movie: The Last Stand is a project made by fans that aims to adapt the famous manganime in a live action format, showing that it is possible to make a live action adaptation of Dragon Ball without falling into the extravagances of films like the fatal Dragon Ball Evolution, the strange 2009 Hollywood vision of what the adventures of Goku and company would be like as a real-action feature film. Be that as it may, this new proposal made by and for Dragon Ball fans has been sharing teasers for months of what aims to be a very respectful adaptation of the one created by Akira Toriyama and this new trailer that you can see heading the news is good proof of this.

Promising live action vision of Dragon Ball

And it is that since the first trailers shared by this group of fans, the expectation to see an adaptation of Dragon Ball of this style has grown disproportionately. So much so, that these trailers already accumulate several million views on YouTube, in addition to quite positive general impressions of the audience. Of course, at the moment it does not seem that Dragon Ball Movie: The Last Stand is going to go from its state of teaser trailer, although with each new advance new scenes are added, each one more worked and promising than the previous one.

Not surprisingly, Dragon Ball Movie: The Last Stand is absolutely respectful of the original Dragon Ball work, covering all the main arcs of the series, from flashbacks of a boy Goku fishing huge fish to the most powerful versions of the Super Saiyans Facing the most classic villains like Frieza, Cell or Majin-Boo.

And although these first glimpses of the Dragon Ball Movie: The Last Stand fan project has its ups and downs at the CGI level, in general it shows more than worthy production values, again, maintaining great respect for the material itself original; Let’s not forget that Dragon Ball is one of the most famous manganime series of all time, so true legions of fans would not miss an event of such magnitude if it were to come true.


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