Dragon Ball intersects with the latest series you expect in the new art


When it comes to power-ups, few can be more iconic than Popeye’s spinach-infused superpowers and Goku’s transformations into Dragon Pearls. In each case, bonuses allow the hero to overcome threats that, without boots of energy and skills, would have ended his career earlier. Although the two franchises are much more different than similar, the similarities they do have were enough to warrant an official collaboration.

Popeye’s work as a sailor in one of the roughest seas on Earth led him to develop common defenses that counter the most common threats. However, in many cases, especially when he encounters his old enemy Bluto/Brutus. In these cases, Popeye’s plan was to eat a can of spinach, which he always carried with him or next to him. Spinach faithfully gave him the strength and energy to overcome the threat. Despite the fact that a terrible reinterpretation of Popeye has recently appeared, otherwise the sailor was inactive. Similarly, Goku’s lifelong training in martial arts gives him substantial abilities to deal with most threats, however, when his abilities are pushed to the limit, Goku’s plan is to transform into a stronger version of himself with the energy and skills to overcome the threat.

In a post dated June 3, 2022 on Popeye’s official Twitter account, the people behind Popeye drew attention to the amazing Popeye and Dragon Pearls fan art created by professional illustrator and artist Marcus Williams, in which the characters are depicted as if they are laughing after a workout. . It can be seen from the image that the two are enjoying each other’s company, which corresponds to the carefree nature of both characters. The post includes Popeye’s iconic jargon, telling of the awe he feels for the love and attention he still receives after all these years from his fans. Naturally, the unspoken element of the post is the idea of the Popeye-Goku team. Considering that Dragon Ball and Goku once crossed paths with One Piece, the prospect of a sea Saiyan is not so far-fetched. While this may not be the kind of collaboration that fans of any of the characters would immediately think of, the stunning fan art portrayal of the two, as well as the official “nod of approval” from Popeye Official suggest that it could have been done if the forces that be desired it so.

I’m always amazed by the work that my fans create – sometimes, like now, I’m just amazed!! Yes, the power is more than 9000! Arf! Arf! Arf! 💪🏻

The image was originally posted by Williams on May 22, 2020 on his personal Twitter account with the caption: “Watching several DragonBall videos for nostalgic reasons, I gave birth to this idea of merging, which I call “DragonBall + PopEye World Breakers”. In addition to the image of Popeye and Goku, Williams has also published several other images of Popeye and the Dragon Pearl with other characters from the two series, which further develop his interpretation of what the collaboration will look like. This is pure gold of comics and manga.

Another one from my fusion concept called “DragonBall + Popeye: World Breakers” featuring the Prince of All Sais, Vegeta and Olive Oil.