Dragon Ball Gets a One Punch Man Level Upgrade in a Must-Read Fan Comic


For its era, “Dragon Pearl” was really ahead of its time, but one modern fan comic, “Dragon Pearl” Kakumei, gave the series a huge artistic update, similar to the style of the illustrator “Vanpanchmen” Yusuke Murata. Dragon Pearl as a series is known for its unsurpassed martial arts and exploration of mysticism and martial arts, which later turned into science fiction, with which most readers are familiar today. As the direction and characters of the series began to evolve, so did his art, and many of his most breathtaking panels were embodied in the Saga of the Sayans.

There are many fan comics “Dragon Pearl” that have become famous thanks to the Internet. It is noteworthy that different versions of Dragon Ball AF from Toyble and Young Jiji enjoyed great popularity due to their view of what can happen to the characters of the series after Dragon Ball GT. Similarly, the French fan comic Dragon Ball Kakumei, written by Reenko and Darkous and illustrated by Poisson Labo, reflects on an alternative ending to the events of the Dragon Ball Super Power Tournament. Although the series itself has been on hiatus for a while, it seems to have been resumed again, and it is currently in the second volume: Chapter 9.

The art of Dragon Ball Kakumei is saturated and detail-oriented. The dynamic battle scenes and creative scenes evoke a sense of nostalgia for the early days of Dragon Ball. Each battle is drawn with an emphasis on impact and shows the effect of each devastating blow. The art is quite impressive, but the story is also completely creative and focuses on what Dragon Ball is really supposed to do – expand the knowledge of its universe. Dragon Ball Kakumei answers the fans’ question about what really happened to the universes that Zeno erased before the Tournament of Power, and what will happen if they return at the request of Android 17. This fan comic also allows minor characters such as Krillin, Tien and Yamcha to be the center of attention for a while, traveling through an alien universe. The detailed drawings of the characters and the carefully thought-out background are very reminiscent of the work of Yusuke Murata on “Vanpanchman”, who retouched and redrawn scenes originally invented by writer ONE.

🇫🇷 / Broly – Kakumei Dragon Pearl: Chapter 7
🇷🇺 / Broly – Kakumei Dragon Pearl: Chapter 7

— Kakumei Dragon Pearl (@db_kakumei) May 31, 2022

The story of Dragon Ball Kakumei, to put it mildly, is ambitious. The idea of a multiverse war in the Dragon Ball universe may seem overwhelming, given that the franchise already has a huge cast, but Kakumei has taken the necessary steps to overcome this obstacle as best as possible. When Goku falls out of sight, other Z-warriors are given separate chapters to better prepare for the coming apocalyptic war. At the center of this looming battle also lies the question of whether the Dragon Ball heroes are really fighting on the right side, essentially defending Zeno and the pious hierarchy that has so cruelly destroyed other universes.

Dragon Ball Kakumei manages to be both thought-provoking and absolutely great to read. This fan comic really manages to embody Dragon Ball at its best. Dragon Ball Kakumei is a must-read for all fans of the Dragon Ball series or even those who admire the visual prowess of One-Punch Man.