Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship


Spain, which will be one of the official venues of the tournament, will have several representatives, including Skanks.

Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship is the new official championship announced by Bandai Namco, a league that will start from October and that will include Spain as a country with its own headquarters. Thus, of the five confirmed major leagues, only the United States, Japan, France and Spain will enjoy their own championship. Now, the Japanese company has confirmed which will be the professional players who will fight with Goku, Vegeta and company.

Go1, Fenritti, Kazunoko, Maddo, BNBBN, B, Matoi, Tachikawa.

US East
DekillSage, HookGangGod, LordKnight, KnowKami, NitroBros, DoubleLL, Aminiassassin, MambaLamba.

USA West
Chris G, Supernoon, Apologyman, Kuba, SubatomicSabers, Cloud805, Jonathan Tene, Reynald.

Shanks, Calbu, GenisGod, CristianRG, Gropis, Cuenca5, Gamba, Tigris.

Wawa, Kyden, Jila, Kayne, Noka, Silverbladez, Kasuga, +1 to be confirmed.

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