Dragon Ball FighterZ: Gogeta SSJ4 DLC arrives this week


Bandai Namco has confirmed that Dragon Ball FighterZ will receive Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 as its new DLC character. The Dragon Ball GT hero will join the game’s character library on Friday (12) and can be purchased individually or by purchasing the Season 3 Pass.

The merger between Goku SSJ4 and Vegeta SSJ4 comes with its main abilities, including the powerful Big Kamehameha special move, which unites Vegeta’s Big Bang ability and Goku’s Kamehameha. Check out the full trailer below with some of its animations and gameplay in combat.

With the launch of the new fighter, Season 3 Pass now has five characters announced, since it has already made Kefla, Goku Ultra Instinct, Master Kame and Super Baby Vegeta 2 available.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The title can also be played on PS5 and Xbox Series S / X via backwards compatibility.



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