Dragon Ball fan art gives Cell a demonic redesign in a mythical style


In his most perfect form, Sell has already been one of the most formidable opponents the Z-Fighters have ever faced throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, but new fan art turns Sell’s most dangerous form into his most visually frightening. What makes Cell’s design so memorable is that it portrays Perfect as deceptively powerful. The first two forms of the imperfect Cell type are absolutely grotesque and clumsy in their presentation, so they manage to immediately seem frightening.

The presentation of Perfect Cell is exactly the opposite. In achieving perfection, Cell looks great. This disarms someone like Vegeta, who at first glance is disappointed expecting more from this form, especially when the Perfect Cell looks smaller than its much taller and massive second Semi-Perfect form. Later, Vegeta and the rest of the Z-Fighters learn that there is more to Cell than meets the eye when the villain manages to destroy the Earth Defense squadron.

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Twitter user 簡志 ( (@Justin96636) presents an interesting mythical interpretation of the classic character design, depicting the Perfect shape of the Cage as something much more monstrous. The work is made in the ukiyo-e style, a traditional Japanese art popular in the 17th and 19th centuries. Unlike his more iconic image, this version of Cell looks like a demon pulled straight out of folklore. Seeing his imperfect forms in the background is also nice. The image of Cell as a demon adds a new layer to some of his dark moments in the manga.

Chien Chih Kang artwork – Dragon Pearls in ukie style 2022 pic.twitter.com/7JbH5SozNz

— 簡志志 (@Justin96636) June 24, 2022

To match his gorgeous appearance, the Perfect Cell from Dragon Ball Z also had a regal personality. He behaved elegantly and gracefully, even when he defeated his opponents all over the world. He never got out of his usual temper until he unleashed an uncharacteristic rage after fighting his last battle with Gohan at the end of the Android saga.

Much of this rage was personified by the fact that Cell became his much uglier, much less perfect former form after he spat out Android 18, but just imagine if his anger and frustration were personified by his real Perfect form, which instead became more grotesque. His Ideal form could have become more demonic in appearance, the angrier and more desperate Sell became in his desire to defeat Gohan. @Justin96636 has created several different reinterpretations of Dragon Ball characters in the traditional Japanese ukiyo-e style, but their interpretation of Cell as a much more demonic form of Perfect creates a perfect representation of his most imaginatively monstrous moments during the series.