Dragon Ball Bulma Proves Why She Is Perfect for Vegeta Long Before She Met Him


Bulma and Vegeta may have had their share of marital problems in The Dragon Pearl series, including, among other things, Vegeta’s periodic regression into a supervillain, but in general they are a couple created in heaven, since Bulma’s brilliant intellect and aggressive nature make her an ideal partner for someone so powerful and even more stubborn as Vegeta. In fact, Bulma proved how perfect Vegeta was for her as a partner years before they met.

Bulma debuted in the very first issue of Dragon Ball, and Vegeta did not appear on stage until Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Chapter 204. Although initially Vegeta was a brutal villain who would kill Bulma as quickly as he looked at her, he eventually became one of the Z Fighters’ strongest allies and became a full member of the team. On his way from villain to hero, Vegeta fell in love with Bulma, and soon they got married and were expecting a son, Thranx. Although their relationship initially came as a shock to many, in fact it should not have been, because Bulma at the beginning of her career in Dragon Pearls showed which man she liked the most, and Vegeta perfectly meets all the requirements.

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In Chapter 5, “Dragon Pearls” by Akira Toriyama, Bulma and Goku travel the world in search of dragon balls and find themselves in a small town inhabited by an evil monster who kidnaps all the young women in the city and takes them to his home. to be his brides. When Bulma discovers that one of the elders of the city has the Dragon Pearl they are looking for, she makes a deal with the townspeople that Goku will defeat this monster in exchange for a mystical sphere. The townspeople agree, and Goku goes to battle with a mysterious villain. However, when a monster comes to town expecting to easily kidnap a new bride, Goku discovers that he is not as strong as he made the townspeople believe, and is just a weak werewolf who can look intimidating.

Before Goku defeated the villain, who turned out to be a familiar and obviously cowardly Oolong, the werewolf tried to lure Goku (who was dressed as a woman) into his clutches, and not take “her” by force. In this effort, Oolong turned into a handsome man, and although this did not arouse Goku’s interest, Bulma immediately became interested in the villain and even introduced herself as someone who was ready to become one of his brides. When Oolong turned into a monster again after Goku’s initial attack, Bulma broke out of her stupor, noting to herself that she had a weakness for “hot” guys. This reaction to the beautiful shape of the Oolong implies that Bulma is most interested in attractive alpha males “bad guys” who do not play by the rules. This description fits Vegeta perfectly and fully explains why she fell so much in love with the reformed villain.

In addition to Oolong, Bulma’s relationship with Yamcha also reveals her ideal type, since he was also presented as a villain. However, over time, Yamcha completely lost his sharpness, and his image of a “bad boy” completely disappeared, which left Bulma completely uninterested. Vegeta, on the other hand, became even cooler when he gave up the villainous life, which apparently keeps the spark between him and Bulma very strong. Bulma likes it when her people are evil, strong and a little dangerous – this is what she told in one of her first chapters, “Dragon Pearls”, which perfectly explains her attraction to Vegeta.