Dragon Ball Anime: All Filler Chapters


Dragon Ball: We tell you which episodes of the original Dragon Ball series are canon, not corresponding to the history of the manga and mixed. Full list.Dragon Ball is a legendary series. Akira Toriyama is responsible for millions of people are now lovers of manganime; regardless of whether it is in manga or anime. But first came second, surely, for most of us. Television was our gateway to discovering the universe of dragon balls, the Saiyan race, and life energy. If you are interested in seeing the original Dragon Ball series with its 153 chapters, we help you identify which are the filler chapters. From that point is when Dragon Ball Z would arrive.

Thanks to the Anime Stuffing portal we can say with accuracy that 14% of the episodes are stuffed. Let’s pause, what is the filling? Broadly speaking, original episodes that are not based on the manga, but are original, not canonical, issued to distance themselves from the weekly publication of the comic in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, since in an anime episode more are told things that in one of the manga.

In this way, companies such as Toei Animation prevent anime from reaching manga and, what is more important at the business level for them: that anime stops or is structured by seasons (as other series such as Attack on Titans or My Hero Academia).

Of the 153 episodes of the original Dragon Ball, 21 are filler. 110 are canon and 22 are mixed (canonical parts and filler parts). Next, we tell you which Dragon Ball episodes are canon and which are filler.

Original Dragon Ball: which chapters are filler?

Episodes 30 to 33: filler
Episode 45: filler
Episode 79 to 83: Filler
Episodes 127-132: Filler
Episodes 149 to 153: filler

Original Dragon Ball: all canon, mixed and filler episodes

Episodes 1 to 28: canon
Episode 29: mixed
Episodes 30 to 33: filler
Episode 34: mixed
Episodes 35 to 38: canon
Episode 39: mixed
Episodes 40 to 41: canon
Episode 42: mixed
Episode 43: canon
Episode 44: mixed
Episode 45: filler
Episodes 46 to 55: canon
Episodes 56 to 58: Mixed
Episodes 59 to 66: canon
Episode 64: mixed
Episode 65: canon
Episode 66: mixed
Episodes 67 to 78: canon
Episode 79 to 83: Filler
Episodes 84 to 85: canon
Episode 86: mixed
Episode 87: canon
Episodes 88 to 89: Mixed
Episode 90: canon
Episodes 91 to 93: Mixed
Episodes 94 to 106: canon
Episode 107: mixed
Episodes 108 to 114: canon
Episodes 115-119: Mixed
Episodes 120-126: canon
Episodes 127-132: Filler
Episodes 133-148: canon
Episodes 149 to 153: filler


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